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Handcrafted Cards

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I love making greeting cards, but I make many other paper-based crafts.  I make scrapbook embellishment, placecards (for seating arrangements), boxes and fun containers, stickers, and more!

Holiday Crafts

When we think of the holidays, many of us think of Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa.  I love making gifts for many holidays, including Valentine's Day, Halloween and others.  Check out my Etsy store!

I Can Make That For You!

You see a crafty post on Pinterest and wish you had the time & resources to make it but you don't.  Send me a picture or a link and I'll let you know if I can make it for you.  How nice is that!?

Life Coaching Tips

I went to a Life Coach and it changed my life forever.  Following that journey, I realized I needed to share my experiences because I know the positive impact they can have on your life.  I encourage you to share my tips with others.

Wrap It Up

My friends and family often say they don't want to open gifts from me because the wrapping is so beautiful.  I take pride in wrapping gifts to look like art.  I can wrap a gift for you too.  Check out the option in my Etsy store (buy a kit or buy one of my products and I will wrap it for you).


Sharing my blog is an important part of my creativity.  I get to share what makes me whole.  I share crafty creations, photography, and life tips.  I hope you'll join me regularly.