For The Love of Crafting

I am a crafter through and through.  My parents are both creative people so I feel like I have been given quite the gift.  I love to create greeting cards, home decor, sewing project and so much more.  I also love photography, the great outdoors, pets, psychology and life coaching.  I look forward to sharing my crafts, links to other crafters, articles that will inspire you to be more creative and a little bit of advice based off of my life experiences.

Endless Crafting Possibilities

Why do we create?  Because it breathes life into us.  Without crafts my life wouldn't be as fulfilling and happy.  I love trying new products, seeing what other crafters are creating, and coming up with new ideas.  I hope you'll visit my site often to gather ideas and to get inspired.


Earlier I mentioned photography.  I grew up with a photographer (my father) so I love to shoot photos.  I will share images to give you a glimpse into my world... nature, animals, projects, and more.